Case Study:

Oxbury Bank


The UK’s 100% dedicated agricultural bank deploys HYPR to improve customer experience and enhance security for farmers and savers.

Across Oxbury OxP
Customer MFA
Secure, frictionless
customer authentication
With UK banking and
data privacy regulations
Tim Coates

By removing the headaches of administration 
and password management with HYPR, we are modernising banking, without compromising security.

- Tim Coates

Co-Founder and Chief Customer & Regulatory Officer, Oxbury Bank

The Challenge

Oxbury needed to ensure highly secure, seamless authentication for customers accessing its proprietary OxP banking platform. The cutting-edge platform lets farm businesses access innovative banking products and manage their day to day finances, automating and digitizing much of the usual business administration involved in managing farm cashflow. For example, its flagship Oxbury Farm Credit account integrates with accountancy software and other critical services for seamless downloading of invoices to customers’ ledgers.However, the platform’s success and adoption — and Oxbury’s entire business model — depends on delivering a secure, simple digital onboarding and user experience. They wanted their customers to be able to securely access their accounts at any time, from anywhere. They knew that traditional multi-factor authentication would leave security gaps and cause serious friction and usability issues. Another important concern was ensuring compliance with strict UK banking regulations and data privacy laws.

Key Results

Seamlessly integrated into Oxbury’s proprietary platform
Provided quick, consistent login for customers
Eliminated use of shared secrets
Aided compliance with UK banking 
and data privacy requirements

The Solution

Oxbury chose HYPR to provide a secure platform for its customers to swiftly and securely access their accounts. HYPR’s Passwordless Customer Authentication solution replaces passwords with secure public-key encryption and smartphone biometrics to enable fully passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA). The team seamlessly integrated HYPR across its iOS and Android mobile applications, completely eliminating the need for passwords. This allowed Oxbury to streamline its login procedures without compromising security or adding authentication complexity. Customers get a consistent login experience whether accessing the platform from a computer or mobile device — desktop browser users receive a push notification on their Oxbury Mobile app to authenticate and gain entry.Upon login, customers can access Oxbury’s OxP banking platform with a range of digital services including competitive savings accounts and farmer-focused Oxbury Farm Credit and Oxbury Farm Loans.

The Result

By integrating HYPR’s leading-edge passwordless technology into its OxP platform, Oxbury has transformed the banking experience for agricultural businesses across the UK. HYPR’s swift and easy deployment helped the team shorten platform development time, ensuring its authentication process complied with the UK’s stringent banking and data privacy standards. The simplified customer onboarding and account management process gives Oxbury an edge over its competitors and lets the firm focus on providing innovative, specialist banking products to support its customers. It also enables Oxbury’s customers to securely and more efficiently conduct their business. Customers can safely access their accounts from anywhere at any time, knowing they are protected from all types of credential-based attacks including man-in-the-middle attacks. “By removing the headaches of administration and password management, we are modernising banking, without compromising security,” says Tim Coates,Oxbury Bank Co-Founder and Chief Customer & Regulatory Officer. “We are giving our customers the time back to concentrate on running their busy lives and growing their businesses.”