Passwordless Remote Workforce

VPN usage has spiked 54% in 2020. RDP attacks are at an all-time high. Those are some of the key reasons why companies are eliminating passwords. What does passwordless MFA look like for your remote workforce? In this free guide we cover the essentials:

  • How to enable Desktop MFA for remote employees
  • The ease of eliminating passwords for SSO and Web login
  • How passwordless RDP works to enable secure remote access

Find Out Why Industry Leaders Choose HYPR to Eliminate Passwords

  • Karl Mattson
    “Instead of adding more security hurdles for the user, HYPR’s passwordless approach eliminates the most significant friction point in the user experience – the password.”
    Karl Mattson
  • Abbie Barbir
    “HYPR has brought passwordless authentication to the mainstream. The emphasis on security and user experience allows companies to tackle account takeover fraud at a scale never before possible.”
    Abbie Barbir
    Senior Security Architect, Aetna CVS Health
  • Ann Johnson
    “With an uptick in online identity theft, businesses must strive to prevent potentially dire situations. By implementing HYPR they can drastically decrease the vulnerabilities caused by ineffective passwords.”
    Ann Johnson
    Corporate Vice President Cybersecurity Solutions, Microsoft
  • Michael Christenson
    “Password elimination gives businesses a massive leap forward in terms of security posture. HYPR has made passwordless authentication a reality at a time when the need for security could not be more urgent.”
    Michael Christenson
    COO, New Relic
  • Ed Amoroso
    “Decentralizing credentials onto users’ personal devices, as the HYPR team does, forces attackers to focus on each device individually. This approach to passwordless security can remove the hackers’ primary target and drastically shift the economics in the enterprises favor.”
    Ed Amoroso
    Fmr CISO of AT&T, Current CEO of TAG Cyber