HYPR User Guide

Passwordless Login to Windows

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Once you have successfully paired your smartphone with your Windows workstation, you're ready to to login using HYPR passwordless authentication.

Although prompts may be visible on the logged-off system, you do not need to interact with the screen, as you can complete the entire process from your smartphone.

HYPR Windows Login

Launch the HYPR Mobile App on your smartphone.

HYPR Mobile iPhone Home

If you do not see the My Computers screen in the HYPR application, click the menu icon in the top left corner, then select the My Computers option.

HYPR Mobile My Computers

Tap the icon for the computer that you wish to access.

Default Computer

Authenticate to your smartphone using your biometric or PIN.

HYPR Mobile iPhone 3

You may need to click on the computer screen with your mouse to confirm presence in order to login. 

Depending on your network connection it may take a few seconds to login; do not click Cancel if it is taking longer than expected.

When login is complete your desktop will load, and you will see confirmation on your smartphone