HYPR User Guide

Register Smartphone via Web

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You will be registering (pairing) your device with one or more systems depending on your use case. Pairing is unique to each workstation, application, or Identity Provider, so this process will repeat as your use cases expand.

Note: Your application will look different than the examples below.

This section describes registration via HYPR-enabled web application.

At the login prompt, provide your unique username, then click the Register button.

Login or Register-1

You will be presented with a secure QR code.

Display QR

Open the HYPR Mobile App and tap the Scan icon in the top right corner. It looks like a miniature QR code.

HYPR Mobile Scan Icon

Scan the QR code from your computer using the phone's camera.

HYPR Mobile Scan QR

Pairing should complete in a few seconds and present a confirmation message.

Paired Successfully-2

You will also receive confirmation within the HYPR Mobile App.

HYPR Mobile Nicely Done

You can now use the HYPR Mobile App for passwordless login.

Pairing Complete

Manage your device enrollment from within the HYPR Mobile App.
To delete the enrollment, simply click the Trashcan icon and accept confirmation.

HYPR Mobile manage web acct