HYPR User Guide

Using an Offline PIN on Mac

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What is Offline Mode?

Passwordless Offline Mode gives you access to your Mac workstation even when you don’t have an internet connection on your computer or smartphone. Follow the steps below to authenticate to your workstation using an Offline PIN.

Note: An Offline PIN may only be used once. After a successful login or unlock the PIN is invalid.

Login Using an Offline PIN

Press and hold the icon representing your Mac workstation to display the Options menu.

HYPR Mobile iPhone Home

From the Options menu, select the option for Offline PIN.

My Computer Options

The Offline PIN is displayed on the screen.

Offline PIN on Phone

Type the PIN into the login form and press Enter.

Mac Login

HYPR will validate the PIN locally, and upon success, your desktop will load.

Unlock Using an Offline PIN

The macOS unlock screen may appear differently than the login screen.

Mac Unlock

The unlock process is the same as the passwordless logon process.