HYPR User Guide

Register Smart Key on Windows

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Security Keys

HYPR supports FIDO2 and U2F security keys to provide people with choice and flexible passwordless login. In order to use security keys your organization must enable them as part of your passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) protocol.

How to Pair Your Smart Key

You will be registering (pairing) your device with one or more systems depending on your use case. Pairing is unique to each workstation, application, or Identity Provider, so this process will repeat as your use cases expand.

Log into your computer.

Launch HYPR Workforce Access.


You can quickly search via the taskbar or Start menu for ‘workforce access’ if a shortcut is not not visible on your desktop.

WAC Start Menu

Open the Workforce Access Client, then click Start Pairing or (if other devices have been previously paired) Pair New Device.

WAC Mac 1

Insert your security key into the USB port of your computer if you haven’t already.

When presented with the option to enroll a Smartphone or Security Key, select the option for Security Key.

Pair Yubikey 2-1

Enter the temporary PIN for your security key. If you’re using a brand new security key, check the box labeled Try Default PIN. Then type your desired 6–8 digit PIN.

Click Finish to continue. 

* If the temporary PIN fails, please contact your Support team for further instructions on how to reset your security key.

Pair Yubikey 3

Following successful pairing of your Smart Key, you will be presented with the following screen:

Pair Yubikey 4

Click Finish.

Add another device by clicking Pair New Device. Follow the instructions, as mentioned above, to pair another Security Key. You may also pair a Smartphone as described in this document.

Change your security key PIN by clicking the pencil icon beneath the device to make edits.

Unpair your Security Key by clicking the Trashcan or Delete icon.

Pair Yubikey 5

You are now passwordless!